How was seeing? 500k Animated Gif Here
57 first frames of entire ~400 frames
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First test on JAI CVM50-IR B/W camera (IR for infrared).

thanks to "Image S S.r.l." for camera lend

I apologize for my bad English.

Jai CVM50-IR video camera is a B/W industrial CCD camera with some good features.

- High sensitivity 0.05 Lux declared from JAI.

- Manual Gain

- Manual shutter from 1/50 to 1/10.000 sec.

- Possibility to grab interlaced sequence and field (duplicate a field) sequence.

- Fast download time (50/60 Field x Sec and 25/30 Interlaced Frame Pal or Ntsc).

- Easy to setup focus on telescope thanks to high frame rate and high luminosity and more other features.

I think that this is a good video camera for planetary image in congiuction to a decent frame grabber (I use a pinnacle PC/SAT card), because is possible to get a lots of frames in a bit. The Signal/Noise ratio is much better than a webcam and, when stacking of sequence, is possible to reach a good dynamic.

Of course a professional camera 3CCD with a dedicated PC interface that free images from flickering and exposure limit can take better color images in one shot.

Above i show you what easy alignement and sum can do with BAD images. Iris 3.53 was used

Tomorrow if a seeing will be good i'll show other tests... i hope.

Left images show 400 frames stacked, right images show one of 400 frames sequence (random frame).