Renato was born in Turin in 1966 and started practicing on computers in 1980 with SINCLAIR ZX80.

His 3D career started during the Army Service in 1987 with WASACH on PC 286 INTEL ; during that time he could buy AMIGA 2000 with which he could design some jingles for local TV networks in the Liguria region , using Videoscape and Dpaint.

Using also IMAGINE 1.0 from IMPULSE Inc., he has been awarded with the Jury Special Prize at the BIT MOVIE '92 held in Riccione.

After that, Mediaset has employeed him to project interactive games for various children TV programs and, since that time, he has been one of the first who could believe in AMIGA possibilities to create high quality 3D Animations.

Later, after two years of absence, he won again at the BIT MOVIE '95.